"Ms. McLagan, focusing on 'the rest of the animal,' balances the exotic but appetizing—savory oxtail and tripe stews, dishes featuring kidney and tongue—with the downright bizarre: It's all here, from beef cheeks to cow's back and calves' brains. It is a tribute to Ms. McLagan's talent as a writer that, even when she is describing the least appealing of her 'bits her informative text, good humor and contagious enthusiasm will keep readers engaged and amused."

− Wall Street Journal

"A treat for anyone who values the treasure that lies beyond the breast and loin....the heart and soul of this book is economical and delicious eating."

− Nigel Slater

"Enormously interesting and appealing...This is as wonderful an introduction to 'odd bits' as you'll find. Mclagan is unabashed in her exploration of these meats."

− Clifford Wright