Marmalade and Robbie Burns

By late January I’ve had enough of winter and so I’ve been on the look out for Seville oranges to make marmalade. I found the first ones this Friday and then realised of course, it’s Robbie Burns Day on Sunday, the two events always seem to coincide in Toronto. My tribute to the bard is to make marmalade. If you follow this link you’ll learn a little about the history of marmalade and find my recipe. I have half a dozen jars cooling on my kitchen table. The addition of Scotch is my way of toasting the bard – no haggis or piper at my home tonight. I will make haggis one year, but tonight I am cooking sheep testicles! Not sure if they were a favourite dish of the bard, however it is definitely sheep offal. My husband already has the pizza delivery phone number memorized!

A note for lard lovers – I am planning to post step by step lard rendering with photos. Hope top have it up this week.


  • Hmm. Sheep’s fries. I’ve never tried them, so you’re either brave or know something I don’t. Are you using a recipe from ‘Offal’?On your marmalade recipe… I’m making a batch this week, and I was wondering about the wax seal you mention. What sort of wax do you use? And do you find that a wax seal is better than cellophane discs or twist-on lids?

  • Jennifer says:

    Peter,testicles are very mild in flavour. I followed the preparation from offal, soaked them overnight in salted water, changing the water. Placed them in pan covered with cold water and bought them slowly to simmer 5 to 7 minutes,then put them in cold water. (This firms them up). Cut them in quarters (wedges) floured them and fried them in