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Perhaps you thought I didn’t get my croissant? Well I did have to wait until Saturday morning but it was worth it. Crisp, flaky and made with enough butter to stain the bag and make my fingers greasy,  it was delicious and the perfect start to the day. Best of all the bakery is a mere five minute walk away, dangerous.

For some reason the croissants are always better on the weekends. I’m not sure why – perhaps they make a bigger batch? Croissants are hard to make in small batches, or maybe they are doing so much baking that they are distracted and leave the croissants in the oven just a little longer. Weekend croissants have wonderful caramelized edges. Notice the croissants are straight not crescent shaped. They sell crescent ones too but they are not au beurre. I don’t want to even think to about what replaces the butter. Without butter it simply isn’t a croissant.

Talking of butter, one of my favourite foods, I have recently discovered another delicious  raw milk butter. This one is from a cheese store Pascal Beillevaire.  Look how beautiful it is, with the cow and the milkmaid embossed onto the surface. There are several stores in Paris, the one pictured below is just behind the famous fish restaurant Le Dome, at the top of the 14th in rue Delambre.

Of course they sell a wide range of raw milk cheeses too and once you enter the store and inhale the aromas you won’t be able resist them. Just don’t forget the butter, it comes sweet or salted.