Well I’ll be…….

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I woke up in Paris this morning to discover that not only did Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes win the Best Single Subject Cookbook at the James Beard Awards last night it also won Cookbook of the Year. I’m stunned and happy and luckily in the country where champagne is made. It will still be cafe au lait for breakfast but tonight it will be champagne, champagne and more champagne.

Books are created by many people and while I wrote FAT, without my agent Liv, who fought so hard to sell the idea, Doug Pepper at McClelland & Stewart who first realised fat was a good subject, and Aaron Wehner and the team at Ten Speed, especially Clancy, Fat wouldn’t be the book it is. Thanks to all of you.

You Won! Congrats Jennifer!

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That was the email I received late last night from my publisher in Denver – sent from his iphone, you have to love technology. I went to bed happy and shocked. I hope Mr Keller will still let me eat at The French Laundry or Per Se one day.
This morning I am chilling the champagne and congratulating my friends and fellow Torontonians Jeff and Naomi on their win and hoping to meet the other Canadian winner Montrealer Taras Grescoe soon. I am sure all four of us would enjoy a lively discussion.
Check out all winners here.

There’s magic in the Brussels Sprout

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Almost a week ago I recited these words at the third annual Silver Sprout award given by Barbara-jo’s Books-to-Cooks. John Bishop of Bishops restaurant, presented me with a wood sphere. Inside was a life-size, sterling silver Brussels sprout with the testimonial, created by the talented Robert Chaplin who was at the awards. It was a really delightful evening, check out the highlights and I met many fat lovers. This award is very special to me because it was Barbara-jo’s customers, people who are very passionate about good food and cooking, who voted it.
My friends know that I am not a big fan of Brussels sprouts, they are somewhere with rutabaga (or Swede as I called it in Australia), in other words at the bottom of my vegetable list. Perhaps I don’t like vegetables that are country specific?? Now I am compelled to give the Brussels sprout another chance much to my husband’s delight. Rutabagas and Brussels sprouts are near the top of his vegetable list.
I will start with a recipe from Union Square Cafe Cookbook for hashed sprouts with poppy seeds and lemon. It says in the recipe introduction that it will convert the most ardent Brussels-sprout hater into a connoisseur. There are some in my fridge, my husband bought them, so I’ll try them tonight and let you know. And as I cook I will recite Robert’s ode to the Brussels sprout –

“Sing and shout and dance about, there’s magic in the Brussels sprout
Boiled up and served in butter, baked into a pie
I love to eat the Brussels sprout
To go without would make me cry!
Have faith and never ever doubt
There’s magic in the Brussels sprout
In cheese sauce or in minestrone
I will stand and testify
I love to eat the Brussels sprout
To go without I’d rather die!”